PARTY- Life Skills Workshop for Young People

PARTY- Life Skills Workshop for Young People

What is PARTY?

Participatory Approach for Reshaping life of Teens and Young People (PARTY) is a participatory and interactive behavior change and life skills development program for adolescents and young people. Recognizing the needs and challenges that young people go through in their everyday life, PARTY empowers them with tools and resources to grow resilience, positive perspectives, optimism and live healthier life.

Through PARTY, we help young people to:
• Become self aware in regards to understanding self and develop positive outlook towards life.
• Develop compassion for social issues and creativity for social change.
• Build leadership and life skills such as confidence, motivation, inclusion and team building.

In this workshop, the participants will gain the following skills:

• Self awareness
• Goal Setting
• Leadership
• Motivation
• Interpersonal relationships
• Team work
• Effective Communication
• Emotion management

For Whom?

Adolescents and Young People aged 12 and above.


Participants will learn each topic in a fun-filled setting by playing games, brainstorming for ideas, discussing on different issues and working in groups. They will be guided by professional and experienced life skills trainers.

Contact us for further information or arranging PARTY in your school, college or clubs.