The Pocket Money Campaign (Trending: #ThePocketMoneyCampign) is an initiative of the Youth Of Siliguri. We aim to inspire the youth to be socially conscious and contribute their part to help the tragic situation in Nepal. We request you to contribute a share of your Pocket Money.
The collected money will be used to buy Tents, Blankets, Medicines, Sanitary Pads etc and will be sent to Yuwalaya, Nepal (an organisation doing awesome relief work there). We respect your contributions and promise to make sure that it helps those that need it the most.
Please contact us for more details.

Contact number: +91 909-325-55555
Email id: pocketmoneycampaign@gmail.com

Yuwalaya, Nepal: www.yuwalaya.org.np

Facebook: www.facebook.com/WithNepal
Twitter: www.twitter.com/PocktMny4Nepal
Instagram: www.instagram.com/PocktMny4Nepal


Volunteers: Youth Of Siliguri, West Bengal.