Yuwalaya video against VAW

Hello world,
Today is December 10, International Human Rights Day. Also the concluding day of the 16 Day Activism against Violence against Women (VAW) that began on November 25.
To mark the Activism against VAW, Yuwalaya organised an exciting short-and-sweet event on last Saturday, December 7.  Members and some friends of Yuwalaya gathered at the Patan Durbar Square in the sunny afternoon to prepare a “commitment” video.
We eight – six Yuwalaya members and two friends of us – expressed our commitment against VAW and any form of gender-based violence. The objective was to make a short (4-5 minutes-long) video out of those commitments so that we can show the world how a single common person can contribute to end such violence.
The ideas expressed were simple – such as “I won’t commit any VAW”, “I won’t take dowry which might make me victim of violence” and “I use my social media (Facebook/twitter etc.) to raise voices against VAW.” Simple, yet they were doable ideas filled with capacity to change.
As we know, change begins with such small steps. “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.”