Youth Consultation Workshop on Hate Speech

May 11, 2021

On 28 April 2021, we organized a Youth Consultation Workshop on Hate Speech under the project of

Youth Hub in coordination with Yuwa, We for Change, Hami DajuVai, RHRN and YAV Nepal with support
of Plan International Nepal. The objective of the workshop was to discuss about role of youths to
minimize hate speech, in lieu of increasing violence and abuse in online and social media platforms on
the basis of caste, color, gender, politics, etc. At the end of the workshop, participants committed to help
and act to minimize hate speech from individual level. Few examples of the commitment of the
participants are as follows:

  • I will create a discussion on “HATE SPEECH” with my family, friends, and colleagues.
  • I will not use any hate speech while speaking and I will think once before speaking
  • I will Report hate speech/ comments on Facebook, Twitter or any social media.

The participants also provided suggestion on how to reach more people, especially young people on this
issue like advocacy activities in school and community, media monitoring, awareness campaigns, policy
dialogues among many others. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Sujat Shramnera. Ms. Shreejana
Bajracharya from Plan International also provide information about working areas of Plan International,
goals and objectives and Girls Get Equal campaign, Girls Out Loud and Free to be Online.

Youth Hub through Connecting Dots project helps to create a platform for young people to share their
ideas and inspire each other to look for solutions related to youth’s sexual and reproductive health rights,
violence, and gender issues through innovative approaches. Yuwalaya is a member of the YouthHub.