May 19, 2022

Our MToT participants Ms. Sarada Rawat and Ms. Salina Sunar conducting the session at Baijanath, Banke.

After receiving Master’s Training of Trainer’s on misinformation, disinformation and hate speech participants are supposed to conduct the program at local level. It is a way of learning by sharing. The
objective of the program was to capacitate the MToT participants as trainers in their own local area.
Through the session, the MToT participants were able to impart the knowledge that they have gained in
the training. The main objective of the session was to aware people on what misinformation, disinformation and hate speech is and their role in minimizing them. In total 11 pairs have completed their program successfully in Banke, Sunsari, Jumla, Makwanpur, Kalikot and Sindhuli districts reaching out to . All the participants led the program. For some of the participants it was their first time to facilitate the session, so it was a new learning experience for them.

Mr. Suraj Bahadur Gurung, MToT Participant receiving certificate after successfully conducting the session at local level.

Also, after conducting the program, MToT participants also shared how they felt after the completion
of the program:

“This was my first time of facilitating the session. I was nervous at first but then slowly I
developed confidence while facilitating the session. Lastly, I am proud of myself that I did it”. –
Susma Pariyar, MToT participant from Dharan, Sunsari

“The participants who were present there, pledged and promised that they will never do hate
speech as well as never disseminate misinformation and disinformation. When they promised
it, I felt I have contributed in brining awareness in people about misinformation, disinformation
and hatespeech.” – Anuja Gurung, MToT participant from Simpani, Makwanpur

Everyone clicks a group picture after the completion of program at Sunsari.