Vision & Mission


Inspire Nepali adolescents and youths to become valued partners in development contributing to equitable, harmonious and just Nepali society.


Collaborate with adolescents and youths to help them attain best opportunities in education, health, economy and governance and bring sustainable improvement in their lives through participation, research and advocacy.

  • Enhance the capacities of adolescents and youths to unlock their full potential to attain a dignified, respected and quality life
  • Promote adolescents and youth partnership including their meaningful participation for development of Nepal


To empower adolescents and youths with education, technical, financial skills and human rights

To strengthen the relationship between local stakeholders and youths to collectively advocate for issues of young people

To assist and organize adolescents and youths to promote and conduct youth development activities

To create platform for adolescents and youths who were child club members in the past

To contribute towards achieving various components of International Commitments