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Yuwalaya is a purely youth led, non-profit, non-government organization working for and with adolescents of Nepal.

Yuwalaya has built a platform for adolescents, youths and child club graduates, collaborating with them to achieve goal and objectives of Yuwalaya. We bridge organizations working on children rights and youth rights. We provide a safe platform for child club graduates and young people to grow and contribute to solving new and emerging issues of young people in the society. We value ideas, dreams and passion of the NEW generation.

Yuwalaya is registered at District Administration Office, Lalitpur Metropolitan City (Registration No 3799/070) and affiliated with Social Welfare Council (Registration No 37674).

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Inspire Nepali adolescents and youths to become valued partners in development contributing to equitable, harmonious and just Nepali society.


Collaborate with adolescents and youths to help them attain best opportunities in education, health, economy and governance and bring sustainable improvement in their lives through participation, research and advocacy.

  • Enhance the capacities of adolescents and youths to unlock their full potential to attain a dignified, respected and quality life
  • Promote adolescents and youth partnership including their meaningful participation for development of Nepal


To empower adolescents and youths with education, technical, financial skills and human rights

To strengthen the relationship between local stakeholders and youths to collectively advocate for issues of young people

To assist and organize adolescents and youths to promote and conduct youth development activities

To create platform for adolescents and youths who were child club members in the past

To contribute towards achieving various components of International Commitments

Featured Projects

AllPARTY Life Skills CampMen’s MarchPaurakhi SambadEarthquake Response 2015
PARTY Life Skills Camp
PARTY Life Skills Camp

PARTY Life Skills Camp


Paurakhi Sambad


Men’s March

Yuwalaya Earthquake Response 2015
Yuwalaya Earthquake Response 2015

Earthquake Response 2015

Thematic Area

We mainly focus our work on the following thematic areas.

Adolescent and Youth Participation

Ensure meaningful participation and engagement of adolescent and youths in innovating, planning, implementing and review processes at all level

Gender and Social Inclusion

Be the voice for gender equality; Promote men engagement; Raise voice against harmful social norms that instigate violence against women and girls

Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change

Support in preparedness and response

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Advance universal access to sexual and reproductive health rights for all

Youth and Livelihood

Support to increase productivity of youths in economic activities

Our strategy focuses on adolescent and youth participation and consultation, policy level advocacy, intergenerational dialogue, awareness raising, capacity building, IEC material development, days celebration and promoting volunteerism as means to achieve goals and objectives of Yuwalaya.


Consortium Nepal aims to ensure children’s participation at all levels-family to state and be recognized as a national resource network organization on child participation in Nepal.

Girls Not Brides Nepal and Girls Not Brides is a global partnership of more than 900 civil society organizations committed to ending child marriage and enabling to fulfill their potential.

MenEngage Alliance in Nepal is a network of people and organizations that are committed to play their part in achieving gender equality, ending gender based violence and addressing masculinities.

National CFLG Form is a youth led civil society movement for achieving CFLG in Nepal.

NGO Federation of Nepal is an umbrella organization of NGOs working in various fields of social welfare and development.

Youth Vote Nepal is a network of youth led organizations that worked to inspire youths to vote in the Nepal election 2017.

Issues We Have Worked On


ywadminJune 21, 2024

Yuwalaya, a youth-led civil society organization, seeks proposals for documenting 10 video stories on unpaid care work. Collaborating with diverse stakeholders, the goal is to inform policies promoting women’s rights in the care economy. Read More


YuwalayaMay 18, 2022

In this 21st century, youth have been very engaged and addicted to technology and the internet. Due to this, Misinformation, Disinformation and Hate Speech are important issues that need to be addressed. Read More


ywadminSeptember 9, 2021

We are excited to welcome our new General Members in the Yuwalaya family.

Read More

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